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Training, Professionalism, Emphasized at Med Tech Ambulance Service

Gary Reis

Gary Reis is a respected Rhode Island entrepreneur and the founder of Med Tech Ambulance Service, which offers friendly, efficient, compassionate medical transportation to nursing homes and all hospitals statewide. Gary Reis maintains a company with a fleet of approximately 50 vehicles, including more than 20 ambulances, and eight certified mechanics on staff.

Professionalism is emphasized, and all team members undertake a two-week orientation process that encompasses field training and time in the classroom. Among aspects of training are CEVO (Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator) driver certification and Occupational Safety and Health Administration curriculum. Personnel also receive instruction in patient handling and lifting techniques and learn in-house treatment protocols.

To ensure that they retain core knowledge and skills, Med Tech staff members also undergo EMT refresher courses on an annual or biannual basis. Each year, employees must take four additional courses at the company’s training facility, which has advanced video and audio equipment. All members of the Med Tech team are outfitted with company uniforms and instilled with a sense of professionalism that promotes the company throughout the community.


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