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The Benefits of a PBX Phone System

Gary Reis

A licensed helicopter pilot, Gary Reis graduated as an emergency medical technician from the Community College of Rhode Island. Gary Reis went on to found a number of businesses in the medical billing and ambulance service sectors. Most recently Mr. Reis founded Access Ambulance Service in Rhode Island, where he serves as president.

Since its founding in 2007, Access Ambulance Service has established approved provider relationships with all Rhode Island hospitals. This operational success, which includes about 50,000 medical transports a year, is due in part to the organization’s specially trained staff and state of the art communications center.
In addition to a computer-aided dispatch system, the center operates 100 phone lines linked through a PBX phone system. A PBX system, which stands for Private Branch Exchange, is a private telephone network that can be hosted on premise or virtually. The system allows both internal and external communication within a private organization, and in addition offers features such as transfers, voice menus, and voicemail. Moreover, a PBX system allows more phones than phone lines, which can help ensure sufficient call coverage capabilities.

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