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The Alliance for Better Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Gary Reis

With a range of business experience in the healthcare industry, Gary Reis founded several companies in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He serves as president of A-Stat Medical Billing Management, Triton Fleet Services, Med Tech Ambulance Services, and Med Tech’s sister company Access Ambulance Service, which serves Rhode Island and Massachusetts-area hospitals and nursing homes. In his role as a health service provider, Gary Reis maintains a membership with the Alliance for Better Long Term Care.

Since 1979, the Alliance has advocated for seniors and people with disabilities who live in long-term care facilities like nursing homes or are in home hospice situations. The Alliance is also the headquarters for the Rhode Island State Ombudsman for Long Term Care, a role that is sanctioned by the Older Americans Act.
A long-term care ombudsman is a volunteer citizen representative trained by the Alliance to advocate for the health, rights, and education of people in nursing homes or in assisted living situations. When a complaint or problem arises for a resident or a resident’s family, an ombudsman can mediate to help resolve conflict and find solutions that work best for all involved. Ombudsmen can also offer advice, resources, and education for people looking for the right long-term care conditions. Considering that nearly half of nursing home residents don’t receive any visitors, ombudsmen can offer a needed service to help protect and support these residents who may not be able to advocate for themselves.

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