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The Alliance Calls on Ombudsmen to Advocate for Seniors

by Gary Reis

Entrepreneur Gary Reis currently serves as the president of Med Tech Ambulance Service in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Gary Reis also owns and operates Triton Fleet Services and A-Stat Medical Billing Management, Inc., in addition to serving as a board member of the Alliance for Better Long Term Care.
An ombudsman at the Alliance for Better Long Term Care advocates for improved health care and quality of life for those already in long term care. The alliance trains an ombudsman, essentially a citizen representative, to visit residents of assisted living facilities and nursing homes to discover any issues and provide solutions. An ombudsman often offers not only advocacy and problem-solving services, but also mediation between residents or family members and staff.
The Alliance for Better Long Term Care continues its work of protecting the aging and elderly so they may receive adequate care and support. For more information about how to become a volunteer ombudsman or to learn more about the Alliance, visit
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