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The Access Ambulance Service Dispatch Center

Gary Reis

An entrepreneur in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island area for more than two decades, Gary Reis operates Access Ambulance Service, a private ambulance operator serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts. All employees Gary Reis oversees at Access Ambulance Services must meet a high standard of qualifications, ensuring high-quality patient transportation.

Access operates a 24-hour dispatch center, with communications supervisors, dispatchers, and call takers using a computer-aided system to handle the volume of calls and dispatch its 49 ambulances. All employees are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers and hold CPR certification through the American Heart Association. Communications supervisors stay in close contact with other departments to ensure all patient needs are handled smoothly.
Technology also forms a major component of the Access Ambulance Service communication plan. Its call center uses redundant computer servers, an uninterrupted power supply, and a natural gas generator to ensure that no matter what happens, the dispatchers can continue to operate and receive calls.

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