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Social Commitments of the Pawtucket Family YMCA

Gary Reis

Gary Reis, the founder and president of a number of companies based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is a certified helicopter and airplane pilot and an emergency medical technician. In addition to forming Med Tech Ambulance Service, A-Stat Medical Billing Management, and Tristar Fleet Services, Gary Reis supports a variety of charitable organizations. Thanks to his financial support, the Warm2Kids Learning Center was created at the local YMCA.
The Pawtucket Family YMCA offers programs and services to local families and encourages the development of both physical and mental wellness. The organization pursues four tenets:
1. Nurturing and enhancing the future possibilities of young people through camps and educational and after-school programs.
2. Improving the physical health of society by helping people to develop better habits and dispel unhealthy lifestyles.
3. Giving back to the community through programs that offer life skills inaccessible in other areas of participants' lives.
4. Offering activities and programs to people of all ages, who may not otherwise have such opportunities due to financial burdens or otherwise.
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