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Protecting Seniors Through the Alliance for Long Term Care

Med Tech Ambulance founder and president Gary Reis helps the people of Rhode Island access quality medical care through his substantial charity work. In 2009, Gary Reis was awarded both the Hero Award and the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Alliance for Long Term Care.

The Alliance for Long Term Care was created in 1979 to protect and further the rights of seniors and people with disabilities who live in long-term care in Rhode Island. The grassroots community project works hard to improve conditions in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other long-term care facilities across the state.

Part of the Alliance’s work centers on educating and mobilizing the public. Many people who are not affected by long-term care issues are unaware of common conditions inside nursing homes.

Almost half of the individuals who live in Rhode Island’s nursing homes receive no visitors, and have no one to act on their behalf when things go awry. The Alliance for Long Term Care seeks to ensure that these residents receive the standard of care they deserve.


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