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Pawtucket Soup Kitchen Serves those in Need in Rhode Island                            

Gary Reis

As the president of Med Tech Ambulance Service, Gary Reis operates more ambulances than any other company in Rhode Island. Gary Reis gives back to his community by supporting the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen (PSK).

The need for social assistance is acute in Pawtucket – nearly 18 per cent of its residents live below the poverty line, and its unemployment rate is above the state average. PSK alleviates these conditions by providing meals for low-income and homeless persons in safe and clean surroundings.
In 2014, the kitchen served some 30,000 meals from its location in St. Joseph's Church. Its offerings include breakfast Monday through Saturday and supper on weekdays; it also provides brunch on Saturdays and holiday meals. The agency maintains a subsidiary organization at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Park Place in Pawtucket.
Donors can help with monetary contributions or gifts in kind. Foods such as canned vegetables, pasta, and cereal are always welcome. PSK also accepts cleaning essentials, including dish soap, sponges, bleach and large trash bags.

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