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Maine Lobster - Premium Crustacean With a Large North Atlantic Habitat

Gary Reis

As president of Med Tech Ambulance Service for the past two decades, Gary Reis has led a company that provides quality EMS services to Rhode Island nursing facilities and hospitals. Gary Reis is also a culinary enthusiast who enjoys steaks and Italian dishes, as well as fresh seafood such as Maine lobster.
Also known as the American or Northern lobster, the Maine lobster is actually found across the North Atlantic coast, from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Canada’s eastern shores. This type of lobster is most plentiful in the region from Maine to New Jersey and is distinguished as a true lobster by its edible claws. The Maine lobster is one of approximately two dozen species that feature outsized crushing claws paired with smaller serrated claws, which act as cutters.
The premium type of Maine lobster is wild-caught and delivered directly to distributors from the fishing boats. This variety is more expensive than those stored and raised in tidal lobster pounds, whose extremely cramped conditions can stress lobsters, leading them to develop shell diseases that require antibiotics.
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