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Landmark Medical Center Critical Care

Gary Reis

As the founder and president of Access Ambulance Service, Gary Reis leads a private ambulance company that offers specialized transportation and emergency services throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Under the direction of Gary Reis, the company partners with numerous hospitals and clinics in the region and stands out as part of the critical care response team for Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Created in 1988 by the merger of John E. Fogarty Memorial Hospital and Woonsocket Hospital, Landmark Medical Center serves more than 175,000 area residents annually. Landmark features a 214-bed hospital and diagnostic, emergency, and treatment centers staffed by accomplished medical professionals in the cardiology, oncology, pain management, and other fields. The hospital also stands out for its robust critical care facilities.
The Landmark Critical Care Unit is intended for patients in acute distress, including those experiencing respiratory emergencies, shock, and cardiopulmonary issues. Staffed by a nursing team specially trained in intensive and critical care, the unit also features a computerized cardiac monitoring system and carefully designed layout that ensures all patients can be physically observed from the nurses’ station at all times.
The majority of patients spend a short time in the Critical Care Unit. Once stabilized, they are moved to the Progressive Care Unit on the hospital’s medical/surgical floor.

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