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Gary Reis Donates Defibrillators for Parks in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

by Gary Reis

Since launching his career as an EMT in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Gary Reis has founded multiple entrepreneurial ventures in the emergency medical transportation sector. He is the founder and president of Med Tech Ambulance Service, the state’s leading private ambulance company, as well as A-Stat Medical Billing Management Inc. and Triton Fleet Services. Outside of his professional activities, Gary Reis is an active supporter of a number of charitable causes and frequently leverages his resources to enrich his community.
In 2005, Mr. Reis helped provide life-saving medical devices for the community of Pawtucket via a generous donation. When Pawtucket Parks Commission president Henry S. Kinch Jr. requested funding to place defibrillators at every athletic venue in the city, it seemed unlikely that the City Council would have time to include the late request in the budget development process. Defibrillators generally cost between $1,700 and $2,000, and the city would need to purchase as many as 20 to fill Mr. Kinch’s request.
However, upon reading about Mr. Kinch’s efforts in the newspaper, Mr. Reis took it upon himself to provide the vital medical devices. He contacted Thomas E. Hodge, a city council member who had pledged $200 to the cause and encouraged his colleagues to do the same, and offered to donate at least 10 defibrillators to the city. As a result, the Parks Commission was able to obtain the life-saving devices and greatly reduce the risk of sudden fatalities throughout the Pawtucket athletic community. 
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