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Essential Features of an Emergency Medical Service Vehicle

Gary Reis

Gary Reis leads Med Tech Ambulance Service as its president, and also directs operations for Access Ambulance Service, which has been approved of as a provider for all Rhode Island hospitals. In his role, Gary Reis oversees the firm’s vehicles from dispatch to compliance and maintenance.

Vehicle features that stand out when undertaking emergency medical service (EMS) assignments include auxiliary heating and cooling that helps ensure the interior climate is ideal both for patients and ambulance crew. Proper ventilation throughout the EMS vehicle is also essential for a healthy flow of fresh air.
At the same time, medicine storage should be climate-controlled in a way that keeps drugs well within their recommended temperature range. This helps maintain their potency and effectiveness, and assures that they last a full shelf life until expiration.
Seamless internet connectivity, such as that which powers Med Tech’s Communications Center is also a must. Finally, portable power to supply the equipment and devices onboard ensures uninterrupted care to and from hospitals and clinics.

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