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Access Ambulance Service’s Responsive Hospital Transportation

Gary Reis

Gary Reis is a Rhode Island executive who leads Med Tech Ambulance Service and emphasizes proper patient care as they are transported to appropriate facilities. Guiding a company that maintains a Massachusetts license, Gary Reis oversees a fleet of approximately 50 vehicles that performs nearly 50,000 transport assignments annually.

Bolstering the firm’s capacities, the Med Tech management team also leads Access Ambulance Service, which stands as an approved provider for hospitals throughout Rhode Island. Its core assignments include providing Kent Hospital and Miriam Hospital with onsite critical care ambulance readiness. The company is also on Landmark Medical Center’s Critical Care Response Team.
As a way of ensuring real-time responsiveness to transport requests, Access maintains a next generation dispatch center that links 100 phone lines within a PBX system. With multiple carriers utilized and incoming service spanning two separate lines and buildings, there is never a time when phone service is compromised. Dispatch center staff are on hand 24/7 to field calls and input assignments on software in ways that provide a fast, efficient, and safe response.

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