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About Access Ambulance Service's Transportation Agreements

Gary Reis

Possessing a background as an emergency medical technician, Gary Reis has spent more than two decades serving as a president of several private medical transport companies in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In his role, Gary Reis oversees companies that provide a wide variety of emergency services and transportation to hospitals throughout the state.

More than a decade ago, Access Ambulance Service began providing service out of the Pawtucket area. The company has transportation agreements in place with every hospital in Rhode Island and can provide both basic and advanced life support services while en route. The ambulances at Access Ambulance Service are capable of providing wheelchair transportation as well.

Access Ambulance Service provides transports Miriam Hospital and Kent Hospital on a rotation basis. Access is also a part of the Critical Care Response Team that works with Landmark Medical Center. By having all of these agreements in place, the company ensures that it can get a patient to the closest Rhode Island hospital no matter where they are located.

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