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A-Stat Medical Billing Management Procedures

Gary Reis

Beginning his career as an emergency medical technician in 1978, Gary Reis now serves as the founder and president of several emergency service businesses throughout Pawtucket, Rhode Island, including Triton Fleet Services and Med Tech Ambulance Service. Gary Reis is also the founder of A-Stat Medical Billing Management, Inc.

A-Stat Medical Billing Management serves Massachusetts and Rhode Island by providing quality billing services for medical services rendered. The company also offers training in new technology and billing services, with the aim of making it easier for medical staff to understand the billing process. A-Stat strives to provide a seamless billing service between the health care provider and patient by maintaining an uninterrupted process and being well-versed in electronic data interchange procedures.

A-Stat Medical Billing Management has also expanded to include practice management systems and credentialing for several different health care providers and physicians. This gives the company a wider range of customers and the potential to expand to even more states.


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